Mission Statement

▼Mission Statement▲

{The Krystal Star of Azoth version you are viewing was created by Kimo. http://kimopepe.wixsite.com/kimopepe/cosmic-art. Kimo’s version was derived from the original KSA, created by Tomás and Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis}

{The GSF Triple Flame Emblem is borrowed from the Energetic Synthesis Ascension Glossary}

This website is dedicated to the original, divine human blueprint:  The Diamond Sun Human; and to our precious planet Earth.

Much of the content within this website is based upon the wisdom and teachings of Lisa Renee, of Energetic Synthesis, and the Krystal Star Guardian Races hosting this Ascension Cycle.  And as well, I include my own personal healing experiences and wisdom. 

The ES website and ES Ascension Glossary is run and maintained by Lisa Renee and Tomás.

It is advisable for the reader to refer to the Energetic Synthesis Ascension Glossary to help one understand various terms and topics discussed throughout this website. 

This is an ongoing project, so more articles and information will be added here, in good timing.

 *Please note: 

My wisdom gained about the Negative Alien Agenda  and Ascension information has been gratefully achieved by studying Lisa Renee’s teachings, which are in alignment with the Law of One, God Sovereign Free, Guardian perspective.

My intention, however, is never to claim that I am representing Lisa, ES, or anyone else when I present my personally written articles, within this website.

I represent myself, and only myself when stating various opinions.   

I decree that only those who are in alignment with the Law of One Mission; the God, Sovereign, Free Principle for All, and Unity Consciousness are allowed to participate and interact herein.

I consecrate and dedicate this website, its content and all its interactions to Holy Cosmic Mother God, Holy Cosmic Father God, Holy Sophia/Holy Christ.

We Are the Cosmic Sovereign Law Made Manifest!   We Are True Eternal Light!  We Are God, We Are Sovereign, We Are Free!  And, so it is.


Thank you,

Ocean –Acacia Yew