Allowing Our Inner Trauma, a Voice for Release

When you are feeling passive aggressive, unable to set proper boundaries, apathetic, projecting blame upon others, and combative, have you considered the culprit behind these negative behaviors to be hidden, unhealed trauma?

Trauma happens when we experience a devastating shock to our senses, physical body and Lightbody layers. Trauma can be experienced at any age or stage of development, and within past, present or future identities and timelines, and yet regardless of when or where the trauma happened, it can impact us in this present, now moment.

*Please Read: The contents of this video are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for care from a trusted health care professional. By watching and listening to this video, you agree to trust your own inner guidance and to take full responsibility for your wellbeing. Please take in only that which resonates, and discard that which does not.

Peace to you.


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